A few public catalog changes

At our monthly meeting with our SirsiDynix rep today, we made a few changes to the public catalog (Enterprise):

Removed TEXT IT TO ME button
The consensus was that this feature was confusing and added little value compared to what patrons expected, so we removed it. It is an easy change to reverse if you hear complaints.

Removed the AR/Lexile index searches (but not the facets)
The index searches for AR and Lexile work only if you put them in quotes (which few would do) and range searching (e.g. “1.3-2.6”) is not possible via the indexes. We removed the index search options from the drop-down menus on top. The facets remain. To use facets to search the whole database for AR/Lexile, do a blank (null) search to pull up everything in the database, then limit with the AR and/or Lexile facets. Range searching using the facets works well. You can sort the available facet options A-Z to get them in numerical order. The default for all facets is to display by the number of hits.

Serial records and date display
Up to 5 dates were showing in the the brief entry for serial records. This was changed to display only the latest date.

Patrons can edit their addresses
Patrons can now edit their address in MY ACCOUNT >PERSONAL INFORMATION. These changes carry over to Workflows. We are going to investigate the possibility of forcing the changes to be UPPER CASE through javascript. As it stands today, patrons can input either case.


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