A Tribute to Tabby

As we all sadly know, our Fairfield Lane colleague Tabitha Peal passed away unexpectedly on March 17, 2020. Tabby was a much loved daughter, sister, friend and coworker. Tabby was born and raised in Hamilton and was studying to be a counselor. Tabby was always a bright personality in our branch. She was positive, fun, fun-loving, funny! Nothing could stress her out at work, and her personality and work ethic made her great to work alongside. To say that she will be missed in an understatement. – Valerie

Please share your remembrances of Tabby in the Comments link above so that we can share memories with our colleagues who did not have the opportunity to know her.

9 thoughts on “A Tribute to Tabby”

  1. Tabby and I used to prank Mary on slow Wednesday evenings by pushing the “help button.” Mary would share “the boy who cried wolf” but still be drawn into our fun…..we laughed so much together. Thanks for all the joy Tabby, You’re always in my heart. – Jen T.

  2. One of my favorite memories of Tabby, is when we found out that we shared the same favorite Kevin Hart comedy routine. The teacher confrontation, of course we both had to recite it after that. We laughed so much that shift. After that we’d randomly blurt out a line from that skit. Our favorites were , “my momma told me to tell you…” and “it’s about to go down”. If you don’t mind the language you should check it out. – Danielle

  3. Jennifer Stapleton

    Tabby always had a smile for everyone and people gravitated to her because she was so open and friendly. Tabby was very considerate and caring to everyone at work and had a wonderful sense of humor. I loved to walk past the desk and hear her laughing with anyone she was working with. She had an inviting laugh and she just brightened up the room. I am really going to miss hearing that laugh of hers and seeing her happy face.

  4. How do you write a tribute to such a wonderful person in a few short words? Impossible.
    Tabby touched my life twice with a 25 year break between. I knew Tabby as my student back in the 1990’s. She was very quiet. I remember she would come up to me with a question, and like it was a supreme secret, would bend her head low and whisper her question to me very close and personal. Many times I would have to ask her to repeat it as I could not hear her. She was very sweet, smart, capable and determined to do well. She was very close to her family and a defender of her younger siblings.
    Flash forward to the present where I find Tabby to be a strong, guiding force in her family. She is a role model and helper. She was a college graduate. She was chatty and enthusiastic, determined and driven; she was talkative; she was fun.
    I would judge a life by how many people you have touched in a positive way. How you make a difference for others. Tabby did this. She was a light for her family and a joy to her friends and coworkers. Shine on, Tabby.
    Pam G.

  5. Tabby was as sweet as could be but she definitely had a mischievous side to her. Especially when she and Jen T were working together! One night they were out front working and it was slow. They decided to see how many times they could push the button for help and how fast I would respond. So the first time the button sounds I drop everything and go out to help them and there is no one but them at the desk. They are trying to put on this serious face but not doing a good job. They tell me that the button got pushed on accident. I no sooner get back to my work in the backroom and the buzzer goes off again. I go up front and they can’t even keep a straight face this time – they are too busy giggling! Then they tell me that my response time is too slow and start falling over laughing. I reminded them of the story of the boy who cried wolf but I don’t think it was too effective because they had me laughing by this point too! – Mary C.

  6. I just wanted to give some input about Tabby, and things I remember about her. Her hair always smelled SOOO good!!! And she didn’t like Chinese food. The last day I worked with her she had on some beautiful butterfly earrings, which I complimented her on. Whenever we worked together, I feel like we ended up laughing at some point. Losing her is truly a tragedy.😢 – Michelle

  7. Words still fail me. I cannot believe Tabby is gone. I cannot think a sweeter, kinder human being. Tabby excelled in customer service and patrons as well as her co-workers loved her. I will always think of her whenever I see a butterfly. I was so excited that she had begun college classes again toward another degree. FFB and Lane will not be the same without her. I will always cherish that I got to be her Secret Elf this past holiday season. Every time I light a scented candle, I will think of her. Godspeed Tabby until we meet again.


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