Alex Scales (Hamilton) – August 2018 Employee of the Month

Alex Scales (Hamilton) is the August 2018 Employee of the Month

Alex was nominated two times:

Alex always does an awesome job! He was especially awesome when the Cummins Room flooded due to the AC unit. He worked hard cleaning up and moving things out of the way as well as contacting the Heating & Air guys. Seriously he went above and beyond and even after that he was still made sure to raise the flag and help patrons. He is so thoughtful and gives patrons the time and attention they need and he always checks up on Level 5 to make sure we are alright too.

On a recent Sunday when no managers were present, Alex came upon a flood in the Cummins Room. He called his supervisors, the Heating/Air company, cleaned the floors, moved materials so they would not be damaged, and overall took charge of the situation. I am very grateful for not only his quick response on this day, but for his service overall. There are many patrons who are partial to Alex, and I know this is due to his pleasant and helpful manner. He is also the King of Clean, and spends a lot of his time keeping our work space sparkly fresh! Thank you, Alex!

Congratulations Alex! He will receive his choice of a $50 gift card or 4 extra hours of vacation.

Also nominated:

Charles Patrick
Charlie is willing to do anything to make FFB better. I decided to revamp the Teen Zone last month, and Charlie quickly and cheerfully helped me move furniture, hang things on the wall, and do whatever needed to be done to make it great!

On Saturday, Sept 8, we noticed a couple places where water was leaking into the building. One on top of stacks of books, and the other running down the ceiling/wall in our quiet study area. Charlie was here within about 20 minutes of my call to him. He had both leaks assessed quickly and communicated with necessary parties at the city. Without his actions, materials and new furniture could have been damaged in addition to the damage to the drywall itself. While Charlie will say this is just part of the job, and I know that it is, he still goes above and beyond to take care of this building, and by doing so, he takes care of staff and patrons – not to mention keeping us in top notch terms with the City of Fairfield!

Sara Stapf
Sara Stapf is one of the hardest working employees I’ve known. She is always looking for a project or way to stay busy. Recently I gave her the task of looking up each item in two collections to see when they had last been checked out. It was a daunting task, but Sara was up to the challenge. She finished in no time, and her work, as always, was accurate and tidy. Sara, I don’t know what I’d do without you! Please never leave us!

Amanda Toth
A consistent performer with knowledge in many areas.

Connie Yeager
I’m always impressed with how Connie keeps up with her heavy processing workload. We are fortunate to have her! And Connie is NO FUSS!

Jenn Bonnlander
Quietly keeps the Fairfield shelves looking ordered and sharp.

Lindsey Ross-Roberts
I have to give Lindsey the shout out this month for being proactive in making a print-out of the “Symphony Item Updates – How To for Staff” to keep at the main desk of LPL. I often found myself struggling to remember how to do something in Symphony that I used to know how to do in Sierra… and I would try to find an email that showed what the proper procedure/word was… Now, I can use this handy print out that Lindsey made (highlighted and everything!) and quickly take care of an issue. Thanks Lindsey for taking the initiative on this!

Riley Del Rio
During the major rain storm on Saturday, Riley was shelving in the large print when a downpour of water came from the ceiling tiles above where she was working. She took quick action and moved materials out of the way before any damage took place. Without her being in the right place at the right time – and her ability to quickly react to a very unexpected situation – we could have had a major mess of soggy large print on our hands.

Mandy Thoman
Recently, we had a very last-minute request for PR materials. This particular request was not only last-minute, but also really important to the success of an upcoming program. We submit certain items to the Fairfield City Schools to be shared with the students, parents, and teachers. One flyer that we submitted for an upcoming author visit needed to be changed to meet the needs of the school… and the change needed to happen basically the same day in order to meet their deadline for distribution. Mandy had the necessary modifications made within that same afternoon. I’m sure she had other things to work on, but the fact that she took the time to re-work something that was already completed to our satisfaction meant a lot to us. It will also boost attendance at the event!!!

Sarah Gifford
Sarah is always working on new programs and partnership opportunities. She seriously never stops and is great at just getting things done. She is such a great part of our team. And her Touch a Truck program was great!

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