Chip Kruthoffer

New Wall in the LPL Teen Zone

The Teen Zone at the Hamilton Lane Library has quickly become a popular hangout spot for teens. With the growing number of teens using the space, library staff realized the need for a wall to provide a self-contained area specifically for teens. This was a major feat, but Trent Hart took on the challenge and successfully figured out how to move the wall from the Quiet Study Room to create a new wall for the Teen Zone. In the past week, Trent was able to move most of the wall, and it should be finished in the next few weeks.

Chrome/Adobe/Ohio Means Jobs fix

We’ve heard from several of you about this issue so I thought I would post the fix. Within Chrome when you try to open a .PDF, sometimes it will bark at you needing Adobe Reader. When we hear about it, the site is often Ohio Means Jobs but it probably happens on other sites, too. You can manually adjust Chrome settings to download the .PDF rather than open with Chrome. The .PDF will open directly in Adobe Reader (which is installed on all public computers).

Unfortunately, we can’t change this administratively because doing so creates another problem.


FYI: Some older Kindles won’t connect online after December 2021

Trying to figure out if your Kindle will lose internet access? We’re guessing you heard about Amazon’s upcoming changes that will stop some older Kindles from accessing the internet entirely, once the change happens in the U.S. this December.

Fortunately not all Kindles will be affected in the same way. It all depends on which model you have, as Amazon’s move to walk away from older 2G and 3G networks (moving to 4G and 5G) is a bigger deal for Kindles that don’t have Wi-Fi access. The slightly newer Kindles will still have Wi-Fi, but lose cellular connections That said, the convenience of downloading a book on the go via cellular is a huge thing to lose.