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FYI: Some older Kindles won’t connect online after December 2021

Trying to figure out if your Kindle will lose internet access? We’re guessing you heard about Amazon’s upcoming changes that will stop some older Kindles from accessing the internet entirely, once the change happens in the U.S. this December.

Fortunately not all Kindles will be affected in the same way. It all depends on which model you have, as Amazon’s move to walk away from older 2G and 3G networks (moving to 4G and 5G) is a bigger deal for Kindles that don’t have Wi-Fi access. The slightly newer Kindles will still have Wi-Fi, but lose cellular connections That said, the convenience of downloading a book on the go via cellular is a huge thing to lose.

TUTOR.COM coming next week

This came together quickly. We will begin offering our patrons access to beginning sometime next week. This is a special offering due to the COVID-19 crisis and will be available through June, after which we will determine if we will extend the service period.

The Learning Suite combines online tutoring, homework help, and test preparation with powerful diagnostic tools and self-study resources to provide a well-balanced and flexible educational environment designed to meet the individual needs of all learners.

There will be a webinar for Lane staff on Friday, April 3 at 11:00 a.m. If you are interested in attending, your manager can send you the details. All staff are welcome to participate.

2020 Learning Suite – Overview (.pdf)