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Book Clubs, Programs, & Event Title Lists

Book Club Titles: Systemwide
2019 Summer Reading Lists: 0-3 Lists, 4-7 Lists, 8-11 Lists, 12-18 Lists, Adult Lists
2018 Summer Reading Lists:0-3 Lists,4-7 Lists, 8-11 Lists, 12-18 Lists, Adult Lists
See Tab at Bottom: 2017 Adult Summer Reading Lists
2017 CYA Summer Reading Lists

See Tab at Bottom: One City, One Book Adult & Children’s Reading Lists (October 2017)

BookLetters (Staff Recommended Reads)

Staff BookLetters spreadsheet
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BTL & McNaughton’s (Leased Titles)

⭐ 2022 BTL RETURNS PROCESS (updated: 15 SEP 2022)
⭐ BTL Quick Returns Form.pdf (MASTER PACKING SLIP)
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Symphony: McNaughton + Lucky Day Book & DVD Processing Guide (5/10/2018) Outdated

Census Data

U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: Hamilton, Fairfield, Oxford, Butler County, & combined.

Collection Guides

4K ULTRA Blu-ray (3/14/2018)
Graphic Novels Guide (1/9/2019)
Launchpads Tablets (May 2019)
When Calls the Heart [TV Series] (1/23/2019)

Collection Statistics

Statistics have been moved to their own separate page for better organization. Click the header above to access.


Digital Stats by Service (2012-present) [spreadsheet]
Publisher Lending Models for Public Libraries (8/1/2019)
Hachette Title Pricing Examples (7/1/2019)


2022 EBSCO / GIFT / DIRECT Periodicals
2021 EBSCO / GIFT / DIRECT Periodicals
2020 EBSCO / GIFT / DIRECT Periodicals
2019 EBSCO / GIFT / DIRECT Periodicals
2018 EBSCO / GIFT / DIRECT Periodicals
2017 EBSCO / GIFT / DIRECT Periodicals
2016 EBSCO / GIFT / DIRECT Periodicals


Collection Development Policy (Under Review)
Collection Development Selectors (Internal Use Only)
Supported Videogames (August 2017)

Symphony & Enterprise

Symphony ALL Location Codes (12/1/2018)
Symphony Current Locations/Statuses (5/11/2018)
Symphony Holding Codes (2/14/2019)
Symphony Item Types (5/11/2018)
Symphony How to Change Statuses to Discard, Missing, etc. (9/24/2018)
Symphony Making Sense of Orders (& orders w/ holds) (6/14/2018)

Standing Order

2020 2021
2018 2019
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Suggestion for Purchase

Author/Publisher Purchase Request Form
Patron: Suggestion for Purchase form
STAFF: Requests for Purchase or Replacement
About Suggestions for Purchase: What to expect (forthcoming)
Local/Indie Author Information Sheet (forthcoming)


Weeding Report Options
How-To: Deleting Weeded Items in Symphony
Weeding Tips: The Basics (Booklist)
Guidelines: Print Collections (forthcoming)
Guidelines: 2019 DVD / Blu-ray Weeding
Completed Weeding Goals & Other Weeding Entry Form (view Responses)

Quarterly Goals: Jan-March 2020
Sept-Nov 2019 (Dec OFF)
Apr-Jun 2019 Jan-March 2019
Oct-Dec 2018 July-Sept 2018
April-June 2018 – migration hiatus Jan-March 2018
Oct-Dec 2017 July-Sept 2017
April-June 2017 Jan-March 2017

Year’s Best Lists from Collection Development

Children’s & Teen: Best of 2019
Children’s & Teen: Best of 2018
Children’s & Teen: Best of 2017
Children’s & Teen: Best of 2016
Children’s & Teen: Best of 2015


Q: How do I know ​​when an item was ordered for the library, if we’ve received it yet, or when it might make it out onto the shelves or to fill holds?
A: Check Encore. It shows more order details than Sierra. Explanation with details and pictures (PDF)

Q: How can I tell the difference between digital items in Sierra that shouldn’t have holds place on them and materials that can be requested?
A: See this quick and easy guide (PDF).

Sierra Item Types (8/14/2017)
Sierra Location Codes (Dec 2014)
Sierra Item Record Breakdown / Horizon Import Explained
Sierra Inventory (CIRCA)
Sierra Planning an Inventory

Sierra: McNaughton Location Codes & Processing Tips
Sierra: Lucky Day Processing Guide