Cummins “Remember When?” photographs – changes in progress

Thanks to the long-term efforts of Brad Spurlock and the current work of Penny Brown, I am pleased to announce progress in improving the presentation of the Cummins “Remember When?” photograph collection.

Better, archival quality .TIF format images are being loaded directly into our new digital archive Portfolio and made available directly within the public catalog. Thumbnails will display (a feature we haven’t had since Horizon.)  Portfolio will eventually replace our current digital archive product, OCLC’s CONTENTdm, and provide better access to our growing digitized local history content. We will retain our existing Cummins Photograph records in Portfolio until Penny gets deeper into this project, which I expect to last through 2018. Be aware that you may see duplicates for a few months. Here is an example, with explanations:

ASSET SEARCH – you can choose to search only digital material from Portfolio with the ASSET SEARCH OPTION

The first Elmore image is the new Portfolio style record

The record below is an older style record. These older ones will go away as this project progresses, but you’ll see duplicates like this for a while.

Finally, on the bottom left, you’ll see a new format “Asset” in the Format Facet. Assets are the records in Portfolio. The older style Cummins pics are “Computer File” format

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