📚Staff Summer Reading Bingo!

The Staff Summer Reading Bingo Challenge is live! This year there are two Bingo cards (#1 CLICK HERE and #2 CLICK HERE) to choose from.  Any person currently employed by the Lane Libraries in a paid position is eligible to join the fun.

Reading materials from any age level qualify.  To submit, email your list of squares and the title you read for each square to your location’s point person (FFB: Adam, HAM: Tess, OXB: <vacant>), or to Lucy Hayes (l.hayes@lanepl.org).  (If you are sending forms to LAC for Lucy to enter, do NOT send paper forms. Email the squares and titles done.) They will confirm your Bingo and submit your entries for the prize drawings.  The more times you get Bingo, the greater your chances of a win!

The contest runs June 1st to August 1st.  All Bingo cards must be submitted to one of the Point Persons by end of day Monday, August 2nd to count for a chance to win.  The winner for each location will be announced in the following week.

For the complete instructions and prize details, see the staff section in the 2022 Guide to Summer Reading.

Happy reading!


Printable Lane SR Reading Lists:
* Family Lists (PDF)
* 0-3 Lists (PDF)
* 4-7 Lists (PDF)
* 8-11 Lists (PDF)
* 12-18 Lists (PDF)
* Adult Lists (PDF)

The bingo card includes a square for a SR Reading List title.  All of the above lists are eligible for these squares.

SR Reading Lists directly linked to ReadSquared.

List of every book on a reading list by the digital service it’s available from.

ODL digital copies direct links:

A reminder to parents that if you have a kid looking for a particular ATOS, Lexile, etc., reading level, scroll down here on the >>Advanced Search page<< for the Ohio Digital Library to select the reading level you’re looking for.