Jennifer Umbstead - October 2014 Employee of the Month

Jennifer Umbstead (Fairfield) is Lane's October 2014 Employee of the Month. Michael Winstead nominated Jennifer and gushed at length:

"I would like to nominate Jennifer Umbstead for October's Employee Of The Month for several reasons. On countless occasions I have seen Jennifer go out of her way to help a patron in need, no matter how big or small the request is. Jennifer has a way of making each patron feel that their need is of the utmost importance and she will go well out of her way to settle anyone’s problem to have them leave feeling like they received not only her undivided attention but the best treatment she could give. Many patrons ask for her by name because they know that Jennifer’s keen attention to detail will take care of them like they were an old friend. I have personally seen Jennifer find lost holds, leave late for lunch, give an extra needed hand after she has clocked out, or find a book on the shelves that couldn’t be located by a patron. I am humbled by Jennifer’s selfless demeanor, her kindness to her coworkers and patrons alike, as well as her positive attitude. She is an absolute asset to the Fairfield library as well as the Lane Libraries system as a whole and a real role model to her fellow employees."

Congratulations Jennifer! She wins her choice of a $50 gift card or 4 extra hours of vacation.

Also receiving nominations:

Note: In the cloud of names above, styles, sizes, positons, etc. are random. Colleen just happened to get the "big size", Judy just happened to be dark-yellowish, Tamee is green by providence, Stead is atop everyone for no reason but luck (trust me), etc. No secret messages or signifigance!


Personnel Change

Caroline Williams began work at Oxford as a Public Services Assistant on September 29th, 2014.

OPLIN Circuit

The latest quarterly edition of The OPLIN Circuit is now available online:
Topics in this issue include:
- OPLIN Stakeholders meeting
- Ohio Means Jobs website details
- Ohio Web Library online survey
- Scheduled E-Rate workshops
- Ohio Digitization Hubs project

Sarah Turner - September 2014 Employee of the Month

Sarah Turner (BKM) is Lane's September 2014 Employee of the Month.
Fran Meyer nominated Sarah and wrote:

"Sarah took on the monumental task of integrating Collection HQ into our collection development in the Bookmobile Department. She learned Collection HQ, studied the reports, ran lists and recruited help overhauling this aging collection. She presents at every department meeting and actively participates in Collection HQ meetings, offering suggestions for how to methodically address collection development at the system level."


Congratulations Sarah! She wins her choice of a $50 gift card or 4 extra hours of vacation.

Also receiving nominations:


Personnel Change

Will Connelly, Amy McCann and Keely Moloney began work at Oxford as Public Services Associates on September 16, 2014.

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