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   Fairfield Public Services Assistant 20hrs/wk $9.46/hr


Internal job posting

Tech Center Tech Center Manager 37.5 hrs/wk $37,856/yr


The Dark Knight's recent visit to Fairfield

Alerted by the Batsignal about last Saturday's DC Superhero Movie Marathon, Batman took time out from his busy schedule to visit Fairfield Lane Library, mingle with patrons, staff and even recite a bit of Shakespeare in the park!

Job posting

Fairfield Public Services Associate 20hrs/wk $10.41/hr


Shyann Thomas, July 2015 Employee of the Month

Shyann Thomas (Circulation, Hamilton) is the July 2015 Employee of the Month. Shyann was nominated three times. Here are the comments of her nominators:

Aside from being my best friend in the whole world and a general cutie, Shyann is always so pleasant to patrons, regardless of her mood, and is always willing to the tasks no one else bothers to do. Shyann deserves employee of the month because of her wonderful attitude, dedication to teamwork, and hard working spirit.
-Cecelia Philpot

Shyann is one of the hardest workers I have had the pleasure to know. She is always looking for something to do to improve our branch and keep things flowing. The other night we only had about 20 minutes left until close, and Shyann took on the task of double checking AND turning on an entire, unsorted cart of DVD's, sure that she would be able to get it all done and put on the rough sort DVD carts before close. I was skeptical, how could she do that much in such a short amount of time? Yet she did! Shyann worked diligently and was focused, and by the time we walked out of the library that evening, the DVD's were done and the A/V area was looking beautiful! Thank you, Shyann!  
- Amy Numrich

I've worked with Shyann many times in the Drive Thru area, and she never gets frustrated with a patron who keeps asking questions. She is always polite and has a great attitude. Even when things get really busy, there is a smile on her face. She's even willing to work with the DVDs pretty often - Shyann is definitely a fantastic addition to our team at LPL!!!
- Elizabeth Spears

Congratulations Shyann. She wins her choice of a $50 gift card or 4 extra hours of vacation.

If you nominated someone, please consider sharing your comments with that person. Sharing what you wrote could really make a positive difference in someone's day.

Also nominated: Adam 'The Warden' Ward, CeCe Philpot, Celeste Swanson, Chad Wonsik, Chie Tomoyasu, Danielle White, Elizabeth Spears, Jeff Baker, Judy Reed, Kat Hildebrand (2), Kerri Doll, Linsey Milillo, Lisa Hires, Megan Hart, Michaela Perkins (2), Penny Brown, Ryan Gay, Stephanie Shuler and Tessa Catlin (2)

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