February 2016 Employee of the Month award - Nominations

Nominations are open for the February 2016 Employee of the Month award.

Submit your nomination here.

Nominations will be accepted through Monday, February 22.

Personnel Change

Michaela Perkins began work at LPL as a Part-time Public Services Associate on February 10th.

CTRL + < or > to shuffle through item records in Sierra

Jess (who credits Alice) showed me a trick in Sierra that may be common knowledge but was new to me.
If you want to shuffle through a list of ITEM RECORD displays in Sierra, you can use

CTRL + < (backward) OR > (forward)

This saves you from having to close the item record, open the next one, etc. My usual use case is checking the # of circs on a group of item records.

Sorry if this is a big "DUH" to everyone, but I found it to be a revelation. Thanks Jess (and Alice)!

Encore 4.5 issues (clearing cache)

A few of you have reported patrons having problems with Encore 4.5 since the upgrade. One thing to try when troubleshooting is clearing the browser cache. Instructions for various browsers are here:


The issue with the left column CHECKED OUT count in the patron account always showing "0" (zero) has been fixed.

If you do report a problem to support@lanepl.org, please send us the patron's name, barcode number and, if possible, PIN.

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