Nominations are being accepted for the May 2017 Employee of the Month award.

Nominations are being accepted for the May 2017 Employee of the Month award.

Please submit your nomination here.

Nominations will be accepted through Tuesday, May 30.

Ashley Houchens - April 2017 Employee of the Month

Ashley Houchens (Bookmobile) is the April 2017 Employee of the Month. Fran Meyer nominated Ashley and wrote:

"Ashley is an amazing artist! Her chalkboards are always a hit, she prepared the cutest appreciation gifts for the school librarians who partner with BKM, and she is running point on BKM's first Alive After 5 appearance. Thanks Ashley!"

Congratulations, Ashley! She receives her choice of 4 extra hours of vacation or a $50 gift certificate.





Also nominated:
Alex Scales (x2) - "fantastic with patrons, he cleans often, he doesn't mind talking to patrons"
Annette Clayton - "the book whisperer! Thanks for always double checking the RPL"
Brad Spurlock - "epitome of a team player. I can't remember a time that Brad hasn't "rolled up his sleeves"
Charlie Patrick - "has been planning ahead and working tirelessly on too many projects to list here"
Harry Davis - "always working so hard maintaining our facility... a clean, comfortable, inviting space."
Heidi Martin (x2) - "works extremely hard, she's friendly, she is wonderful at teamwork"
Holly Claxton - "adds a pleasant, reasonable presence to the service desk."
Jeff Baker (x2) - "he never lets [stress]that change his pleasant and welcoming demeanor."
Jen Umbstead - "treats everyone with gentleness and patience and she is always willing to help"
Kat Hildebrand - "always around when you need a hand, she knows what she's doing"
Kristen Howard - "a delightful sense of humor, but also a focused ability to get the job done."
Laura Barnett - "conversation [with a parent] was much more productive with the information she provided."
Michaela Perkins - "always working on something to keep us afloat here at LPL. A real busy-body!"
Mike Busam - "taken it upon himself to make sure we reach out to Hispanic patrons at every opportunity"
Mike Winstead (x2) - "wonderful with patrons and doesn't mind listening to all their stories and tidbits"
Molly Ehrnschwender (x2) - "competent and willing to help patrons at whatever service point she is assigned to."
Pam Giuliano - "always does a great job mending our books"
Samantha Fisher (x2) - "strives to do things well, takes the time to ensure that she is thorough in her shelving."
Samantha Harris - "manages to maintain an air of calm while doing an incredible job of non-stop multi-tasking"
Sarah Gifford - "fixed crowding and appearance issues,  and also provided valuable help for the tax form frenzy"
Tess Catlin - "consistently welcomes to patrons and offers caring service"
Tracy Ward (x2) - "Whether I need a rush PO or a socket wrench she has the answers for me"
Wendy Pittman (x2) - "continually goes above and beyond to ensure that our patrons have a positive experience."

Personnel Change

Taylor Meredith began work at Oxford as a Part-time Public Service Assistant on May 2, 2017.

News from the State Library:

Last week on April 5th, the Ohio Digital Library topped 1 million checkouts for the year!  We are close to 90,000 checkouts ahead of where we were in 2016.

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