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Shyann Thomas, December 2016 Employee of the Month

Shyann Thomas (Hamilton Circulation) is the December 2016 Employee of the Month. This is Shyann's second time honored, the last being in June 2015.  Michael Winstead nominated Shyann and wrote, in his effusive style:

I would like to nominate Shyann Thomas (LPL) for Employee of the Month because Shyann is truly an amazing coworker. Recently she ran back and forth from the front to the Drive-Thru to help me locate and deliver holds to patrons waiting in the Drive-Thru. It was hopping at the Drive-Thru and Shyann went well out of her way to help me get through a line of cars at the Drive-Thru. When we work together, she's always helping me, others, and our patrons. Seems like every time I work on putting DVD's away, she's right there, taking them out to the shelves as quickly as I can give them to her. No matter what I'm working on, she's there offering to help. Shyann is truly an amazing coworker and an amazing example of a teammate. It's hard not to feel extra motivated when working with Shyann, and for that we all benefit.

Congratulations Shyann. She wins her choice of a $50 gift card or four extra hours of vacation.

Also nominated:
Michael Winstead - "His positive attitude is contagious"
Tess Catlin (x2) - "shared with me how she involves the patron's input as much as she can, making this book club even more the patron's book club."
Matthew Leffler (x2) - "man was so grateful [to have help backing up his personal videos]."
Michaela Perkins (x2) - "a great leader and is quick on her feet when it comes to dealing with sticky situations"
Heidi Martin - "She never shies away from a challenge, which is so rare these days."
Celeste Swanson - "...the type of person who makes you feel like everything you say is so important, and that's so nice in a person."
Darbie Thompson - "I saw Darbie carrying books out to a patron's car.  Darbie, who has just recently recovered from being ill, helped this patron because she had a bad back and our drive thru was under construction. "
Mary Geers - "an infectious exuberance clearly visible whenever you enter the Children's Department."
Laura Barnette - "A weeding warrior, willing to take her skills on the road to LPL, helping to drastically weed adult nonfiction and help out LPL staff."
Keely Moloney - "Keely always goes the extra mile for patrons and staff members."
Tracy Ward - "Its not easy coordinating between all the branches, but I think its time Tracy gets some well deserved recognition!"
Sara Stapf - "Without me asking her, Sara went and pulled an entire cart of old McNaughton's off the shelves. Saving me a great deal of time. In fact, a HUGE amount of time."
Alex Scales - "Without even asking, he loaded up his arms and made a couple of trips back and forth, clearing everything out."
Brad Spurlock - "one of the hardest working people I've ever met. He's always doing something, and when he's not, he's there to lend a helping hand to his fellow coworkers."
Caitlin Campbell - "...keeps an eye open for things that need attention and addresses them before they become problems. Respect!"

Recognizing the above, beyond, and exceptional…Carol Bowling!

From a leadership training seminar, I learned that a great leader leads by example. Imagine how impressed I was when I called LPL and found Carol Bowling at the public information desk—not only once, but on several occasions. Carol has a wealth of experience and an unsurpassed tact necessary to handle delicate situations. When one of our patrons had bedbugs on her person, I called Carol to get tips on what was a hopefully non-offensive way to handle this situation. Her advice was perfect and the problem had an effective, comfortable solution for both patron and wary staff. Carol was “out there” greeting visitors entering the library on the German Village Christmas Walk day. She was welcoming, helpful and informative. What a wonderful way to encourage people to have pleasant feelings about our library. While most of the Lane staff contributed to the success of the 150th Anniversary Celebration, Carol was the “mover-and-shaker” to initiate the activities and coordinate their happening.   -- Rebecca Evans

I'd like to add to Rebecca's thoughts by highlighting Carol's ongoing involvement with the German Village Association and Books by the Banks.  She also represents Lane Libraries and the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce networking luncheons.  Carol does so much behind the scenes that I'm not sure people realize the impact she has on so many different areas of our community.  She has been a mentor to me and numerous others.  I think we can all agree that working with Carol in any capacity, whether at Lane or in the community, is a privilege.  -- Valerie Simmons

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