Personnel Change

Adam Fisher began work at Fairfield as a full-time Public Services Associate on May 18th.

Wendy Pittman (Hamilton) - May 2015 Employee of the Month

Wendy Pittman (Hamilton Circulation) was selected as the May 2015 Employee of the Month. Chip Kruthoffer nominated Wendy and wrote:

"When I visit the Hamilton library, I am always struck by how friendly staff are with patrons at the Circ desk. Wendy Pittman exemplifies this.  She consistently smiles and welcomes patrons and is just so obviously there to serve. She presents a terrific customer service model for others to follow. She is approachable, maintains eye contact, smiles, leans in...all of the open body language techniques and mannerisms that are often taught but come naturally to Wendy. Wendy also speaks Spanish, which often proves useful in Hamilton."

Congratulations, Wendy. She wins her choice of 4 vacation hours or a $50 gift certificate.

Also nominated:

Congratulations Samantha

Smith History Library’s Samantha Harris played a major role in the dedication of an Ohio Historical Marker at the Indian Creek Baptist Church and Pioneer Burial Ground in Reily Township on May 17.  Samantha was hired to transcribe the nineteenth-century church minutes and then read passages to an audience that filled the church.  The booklet that resulted from her work is called Selections from the Minutes of Indian Creek Baptist Church, 1810-1850.  Congratulations to Samantha on her publication!

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