Nominations - March 2017 Employee of the Month

Nominations are being accepted for the March 2017 Employee of the Month award.

Please submit your nomination here.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, March 31.

Personnel Change

Anne Wright began work at Oxford as a Part-time Shelver on March 20, 2017.
Allison Doerman began work at LPL as a Full-time Public Librarian on March 20, 2017.

Kerri Doll - February 2017 Employee of the Month

The Book WhispererKerri Doll (Fairfield Circulation) is the February 2017 Employee of the Month. Kerri last won in October 2008. Amanda Toth nominated Kerri and wrote:

"Kerri Doll deserves all the gold stars for her continued excellence at being the Book Whisperer. If there is an item I cannot find, I know I can find Kerri, and she will magically make the book out of the ether. She is also a shelf-reading rock star, helping us keep everything in order. Especially the CDs - Kerri deserves all the praise for her constant effort in keeping the CDs in some semblance of order."

Congratulations, Kerri! She receives her choice of 4 extra hours of vacation or a $50 gift certificate.



Also nominated:
Heidi Martin - "helping keep the Cummins Room in good shape, very willing to assist with any task she can help with"
Mike Winstead (x4) - "thoroughness that helps to cement Lane's reputation as a great service provider"
Chad Wonsik - "fantastic job on preparing and planning for the new instrument lending collection"
Robbie Smith - "goes out of her way to assist families at the library"
Tammy Brooks - "[patron said she] drives 30 minutes out of her way to come to Fairfield's Toddler Time."
Adam Fisher - "super creative and open to discussing ideas"
Harry Davis - "glides along while the many hostile new building spirits wage battle with him"
Jennie Wright (x2) - "unending energy and desire to provide exceptional customer service to all customers"
Sara Stapf - "an amazing asset within the Lane Library system and an invaluable member of Hamilton Lane Library"
Brad Spurlock - "patron was elated at Brad's knowledge and willingness to help her"

Personnel Change

Sara Stapf began work at LPL as a Part-time Public Services Assistant on March 6, 2017.

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