Personnel Change

Chad Wonsik began work at Oxford as a Public Services Librarian on November 25th.

Brenda Wanninger (FAIRFIELD) - November 2014 Employee of the Month

Brenda Wanninger (FAIR) is the November 2014 Employee of the Month. Michael Winstead nominated Brenda and wrote:

"I would like to nominate Brenda Wanninger for November’s Employee of the Month because she really is an amazing person to work with and to have within the Lane Libraries system. Her kind nature, her positive attitude, and selfless demeanor are absolutely humbling to me. Patrons gravitate to Brenda like she is a magnet because they know not only will she treat them like an old friend, but also our patrons know she will satisfy their needs in a timely and efficient manor. Patrons ask for her by name because of her positive and caring attitude. She’s a team player who goes well out of her way to provide assistance to her coworkers; nothing is too big or too small for Brenda. She has been an amazing mentor since I have arrived to the Ccirculation department and I can’t help but to strive to be a better person and employee when she is around. Brenda just has a natural ability to bring out the best in people, whether it’s a coworker or a patron. Brenda is an extraordinary employee and a real asset to the Lane Libraries and to Fairfield, specifically."

Brenda wins her choice of 4 extra hours of vacation or a $50 gift certiificate. Congratulations, Brenda!

Also nominated:


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Social media sharing options in Encore added

Fran asked about adding Pinterest links in Encore.

We have some JavaScript customization options that are available, so I've added an AddThis feature in the full bib records.

Pinterest isn't working yet, but now you can more easily share items from Lane's catalog via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.


Wowbrary "no-frills" link

On Wowbrary, I've added a link to a publicly-accessible GoogleDoc for the "no-frills" Wowbrary list that we've discussed recently. This is experimental and may be discontinued. See the lower left column on WB for the link.


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