Amanda Toth (Fairfield) - December 2014 Employee of the Month

IAmTothAmanda Toth (Faifield) is the December 2014 Employee of the Month. Amanda received two nominations, one of which was from Ali Lassus, who wrote:

"I am very fortunate to work with Amanda here at FFB. She is so awesome- whenever I don't know something, I go straight to her, as she knows everything about libraries and librarying. She can always fix a stubborn eReader, and does great work the Positively Paranormal Book Club, Geek Meets, and other programs. She is a friendly and fun person, and works crazy hard. Amanda, we appreciate everything that you do! Keep being awesome."

Amanda wins her choice of 4 extra hours of vacation or a $50 gift certiificate. Congratulations, Amanda!

Also nominated:


Coming Changes in the Ohio Digital Library

From our State Library rep:

Just a reminder that Overdrive sunset the WMA format on March 2, 2015. This means...

  • The WMA format for audiobooks will no longer be sold to libraries.
  • The WMA format for both audiobooks and music will no longer be available for checkout. For any titles where an MP3 equivalent is not available, OverDrive will provide details to affected libraries at that time.
  • Related articles at OverDrive Help will be updated accordingly.

Ugly sweater day at LAC

Fun Holiday Times at LPL!

Annual Sweet Swap, organized by Tessa Catlin and Wendy Pittman.


Soup and Salad Detox Day, organized by Rick Stanley and Amy Numrich


Karla Moeller, MLIS

Karla Moeller (Business Office) recently completed her Master of Library and Information Science degree from Kent State. Congratulations, Karla!

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