Personnel Change

Brendan Packert began work at LAC as a Receiving Clerk on July 28th.

EVENT PREVIEW: Stranger Than Fiction: An Evening with Chuck Klosterman

On Tuesday, September 23, 7:30pm, author Chuck Klosterman will be speaking at the Wilks Conference Center (Miami University Hamilton) in the latest of Lane’s Roesel Public Lecture series. The focus of his talk is on how pop culture shapes your identity.  Book sale, signing, and reception will follow the presentation.


Who is Chuck Klosterman?  He is the best-selling author of books such as I Wear the Black Hat, Eating the Dinosaur, Killing Yourself to Live, and Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, and is a well-known essayist on pop culture topics, especially music and sports.  In 2011, Klosterman took over writing "The Ethicist" for The NYT Magazine (listen to a podcast about being the Ethicist) and started writing for the ESPN website Grantland.  He has contributed to Esquire, The Believer, Rolling Stone, and GQ, and has ties to Ohio as a former reporter and columnist for the Akron Beacon Journal.


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Encore 4.4 update

You'll notice several improvements in Encore 4.4:

  • click a call number in an item record and you can graphically browse a shelf list by call number
  • user-friendlier renewal process (#1 issue we've heard complaints about Encore from patrons in the past)
  • MARC display available directly from Encore

The big feature, Overdrive integration, is not yet functioning properly. This will allow patrons to checkout Ohio Digital Library items directly from Encore. You may have seen a preview of the buttons for it already. I've been flipping OD integration on and off trying to fix it. Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope to have it working sometime next week. UPDATE: Turns out there are some hoops we have to jump through with Overdrive support. Expect to have this working around July 30.

Some of the facets are broken/incomplete because we added the material type STREAMING VIDEO (for hoopla) and repurposed cassettes as eAUDIO. We will work with Innovative support to fix that ASAP.

We're experimenting with new material type icons, so you may notice some changes in those while we settle on permanent ones.

How to Renew Digital Titles in Overdrive

This is a relatively new feature now available to Lane patrons.

"The option to renew a title becomes available three days before the title is set to expire and appears next to the title on your Bookshelf under your library Account. You can only use the renew feature once for each title you've borrowed."

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