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Sarah Turner began work in the Bookmobile as a Librarian on January 19th .

Michael Winstead (FF) - January 2015 Employee of the Month

click for larger imageMichael Winstead (Fairfield) is the January 2015 Employee of the Month. Morgan Sackenheim nominated Stead. Morgan provided this understated paragraph in support of her nomination:

"I'm shocked that Stead hasn't won Employee of the Month yet. Shocked! That, my friends, is a travesty! Stead needs to win Employee of the Month because he just emits awesome... all over the place. He's so awesome he doesn't even need to wear a winter coat, even if it's 10 degrees outside. Seriously, every branch needs a Stead. He is always positive and enthusiastic. Everyone is excited to work when it is a Stead day. It is impossible to have a bad day if Stead is working. He goes beyond the call of duty every day for patrons and staff. He improves morale to an off-the-charts ridiculous level. And, lets face it, anyone who can run a half-marathon must have some serious Chuck Norris superpowers. Then again, he should just win a medal for being Stead."

Congratulations to Stead, who has been nominated multiple times in recent months. He receives his choice of 4 extra hours of vacation or a $50 gift card.

Also nominated:

Internal Job Posting

Full-time Vacancy, Oxford Lane Library

Public  Services  Librarian – Children’s, Reference or Teen

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