Personnel Change

CeCelia Philpot began work at LPL as a Support Services Assistant on February 25th.

EAP Systems Newsletter

Anthem Cyber Attack news

Below are two files I received this afternoon from Anthem for enrolling in credit protection services and frequently asked questions concerning the cyber attack and credit protection issues. This is also important information for those that may not have current health insurance coverage through Anthem but did so in the past.
Please take the time to read over the documents.
As we get more information from Anthem, we will share it with you.
Rob Carringer
CREDIT PROTECTION FAQ (Google login required)

Personnel Change

Penny Brown began work at LAC as an Interlibrary Loan Assistant on February 10th.

Personnel Change

Kile Byington began work at LAC as a Bookkeeper on February 9th.
Alice Ahrens began work at Oxford as a Public Services Associate on February 9th.

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