Amanda Northcutt - April 2016 Employee of the Month

Amanda Northcutt (Hamilton) is the April 2016 Employee of the Month. Celeste Swanson nominated Amanda, writing:

I would like to nominate Amanda for employee of the month, because she has done such a good job transitioning into Youth Services. Amanda is extremely enthusiastic and hardworking. She has also come up with some great ideas for her Movers and Shakers Storytime, and for the summer. We are very lucky to have her as part of the Youth Services team at LPL!

Congratulations Amanada! She wins her choice of 4 extra hours of vacation or a $50 gift certificate.

Also nominated: John Taggart (4...yes 4), Rebecca Evans (2), Michael Winstead, Jennifer Umbstead, Connie Yeager, Amanda Moseng, Heidi Patterson, Keely Moloney, Alice Ahrens, Linsey Milillo and Morgan Sackenheim

NEW: Accelerated Reader & Lexile catalog search page

We have a new catalog search page for Accelerated Reader and Lexile titles that we would like for you to test:

We worked with Marcive to enhance about 50,000 catalog records with AR/Lexile data (MARC note fields 526 and 521).

Please send any questions or comments to

Internet disruption Thursday, April 14...and good news

The Internet slowdown we experienced Thursday afternoon (April 14) was a result of changes made on OPLIN's end in preparation for an increase in our available bandwidth. Sorry about that...we had no warning. The good news is that we now have 200 megabits bandwidth from OPLIN, doubling our previous bandwidth.

This does not mean we will be "twice as fast", but things should seems snappier in the afternoons or whenever the network is more heavily used.

Job Posting

Fairfield      Public Services Assistant     $9.46/hr  20hrs/wk

STEM Grant

Congratulations to Ryan Gay (Tech Center), Celeste Swanson (HAM), and Adam Fisher (FF), who collaborated on a grant proposal that was selected to receive $5,000 in conjunction with the Summer of STEM, a joint venture between the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative and ArtsWave. They will use these funds to develop STEM-based programming for kids and teens at the library this summer.

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