John Taggart - Employee of the Month, July 2016

John Taggart (LAC, Maintenance Assistant) was selected as the
July 2016 Employee of the Month. John is another long-time nominee, first-time winner. Among his accolades:

"John has a lot of responsibilities and gets them done well and in a good amount of time.  He has to deal with traffic and the elements and he never lets that get him down.  He's always more worried about everyone else and how their day is going.  He is always so nice to everyone and really cares about his job and co-workers."  (Penny Brown, LAC)

"Every single day John works, he always has the best attitude.  He'll always ask how your day is and is always checking in with all the staff here at LAC.  John is just a constant standard of being an awesome co-worker.  He well deserves this nomination."  (Brenden Packert, LAC)


"I look forward to the days that John stops by. He always has a smile on his face and is such a delight. He has a way of making good days even better. On top of this, he brings us some pretty awesome gifts (from Amazon). John is just an awesome guy and I enjoy getting to see him every week!" (Amy Schutte, Tech Center)

"John is a wonderful employee and coworker. He not only does his job well and thoughtfully, but he is the most pleasant person I encounter in any given day and cares about the people he works with and patrons he sees while on his rounds. I really appreciate all that he does for the Lane Libraries." (Carrie Mancuso, LAC)

"John is such a positive person to be around. If he is running behind he works off the clock. He deserves to be Employee of the Year!" (Mandy Thoman, LAC)

"I would like to nominate John Taggart for August’s employee of the month because he is an absolute exemplary example of an outstanding employee within the Lane system. John hasn’t been with the Lane system for a great deal of time, but since he’s been here he has hit the ground running. On a daily basis he goes above and beyond what is required of him, offers to help anyone who might need an extra hand, and is an absolute delight to be around. Few people I have met in life have such a radiant positive attitude like John does, it is absolutely infectious. You can’t help but to feel better about the day and tasks at hand after John walks into the room. It’s like inviting the sun to come into the room when John is around, so much so that sometimes I feel I need to wear sunglasses when he’s in the room because he shines so brightly."  (Mike Winstead, FF)

Congratulations, John. He wins his choice of a $50 gift card or 4 extra hours of vacation. I think we all hope he takes the gift card!

This month's winner was taken from last month's nominations. Rest assured that you will be able to submit nominations again in August. (file conversion service) is a file conversion service you may find useful at the reference desk. It comes in handy when a patron brings in a file in a format unsupported by MS Word. For example, this morning I used it to convert a resume done as a Pages (Apple) file to Word.

Personnel Change

Andrea Shuler began work at Fairfield as a Part-time Public Services Assistant on July 18, 2016.

Personnel Change

Josh Mullins began work at Fairfield as a Part-time Shelver on July 13, 2016.

Cool Invention!

Check out the great magnetic container that Grade 1, Bryan Johnson, thought up and made in order to make 'grade one-ing' easier! There is a compartment for pens/highlighters and post it notes, and a bigger side compartment for papers. This is GREAT! It fits on any cart, and really keeps the top of the carts clean and orderly, so the Grade 1's can work more efficiently. 

Bryan is awesome and we will miss him so much when he leaves for college next month! ~ Amy Numrich
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