Month: September 2019

RBdigital magazine and audiobooks

I am pleased to announce that we are dramatically expanding the audiobook and magazine collections we offer from RBdigital.

beginning in October 2019
RBdigital Unlimited Audiobooks – 32,000+ audiobooks
This includes the full digital catalog and new releases from Tantor, Highbridge, Gildan, and also includes Recorded Books‘ digital catalog. Always available, no holds.
Here is the current list.

beginning in November 2019
RBdigital Unlimited Magazines – 3,000+ magazines
This is a collection of all the magazines RBdigital offers – all languages.
Here is the current list.

Problem searching Cummins and other digitized local history items

The addition of result tabs tn the catalog (Physical Items, Digital, etc.) has resulted in some problems searching for with Cummins Photo and other assets in “Portfolio” (digitized local history items.) We did not notice this in testing. I will be working with SirsiDynix to address this. In the meantime, if you are looking for Cummins photographs or city directories or any other digitized local history item, use ASSET SEARCH from the drop down menu on the left. We may rename this soon, but it will be in the same spot.

Employee of the Quarter September 2019 Winners

Congratulations to the following September 2019 Employee of the Quarter Winners:

Tracey Jewell, 2 nominations

Tracey volunteered to step in and lead Toddler Time during my absence. It has been amazing to see her planning and implementation process. She is making great connections with the children and their caregivers.

Tracey is such a wonderful person to have around. She’s always so nice, always has a smile and a happy, joyful demeanor. She has taken over Toddler Time in Tammy’s absence and she’s doing a great job connecting with kids and families. She’s really organized and well prepared!

Sara Stapf

Sara is awesome! She bravely cleaned up a trashcan after someone got sick in it. Also, she is so on top of everything here at LPL. She knows what supplies we need and orders it for us. She also cleaned out and organized the supply closet making it easier to find things. Overall, if you need any help Sara is the one to ask!

Connie Van Frank

Connie is the perfect combination of fun and tough. In the mornings before we open, Connie travels with music playing on her phone as she dances to gather the RPL (she even takes requests 🙂 But when there is trouble that needs to be attended to, she is right there to handle the situation.

LAC/BKM/Tech Center
Matt Leffler, LAC ,2 nominations

Matt really cares about his coworkers and any issues they might be having with their computers. He also works hard at keeping us current with tech things and security.

Matt does a fantastic job. He is consistently considerate and helpful toward staff and patrons alike. He always goes above and beyond to assist in matters great and small. Whenever he’s at the Tech Center, he goes out of his way to help patrons alongside the rest of the staff – and this in addition to fixing whatever we broke! Thanks, Matt, for all you do.

Congratulations to this quarter’s winners! Each winner will receive their choice of 4 hours of vacation or a $50 gift card.

Congratulations to the following nominees:


Odalis Jimenez (nominated but not eligible, won June 2019)
Odalis was instrumental in promoting the bookmobile (and library services in general) to patrons at our predominantly Spanish-speaking stops.

Chris Esposito (2 nominations)
Has done a fantastic job helping me adjust to working in this location, and has a great attitude about everything in the workplace. Builds everyone up, and is great with the teens – also put in the extra effort to learn more about how to work with teenagers so as to improve our program.

Chris has done so many great things in the time that he has been working with us. He’s been doing an amazing job working and connecting with kids in the Teen Zone. He has also done a great job with the Fresh Committee, coming up with fun ideas to boost morale and keep us engaged with one another as a team. Chris is very helpful, not only towards patrons, but to his fellow co-workers as well. He’s always helping with Cricut projects and a variety of other activities. We are lucky to have him on board.

Laura Donnell
Laura Donnell is definitely a team player and a plus to us here at FFB. She is very dedicated and conscientious in her work. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to coworkers and help out wherever there is need. She makes us laugh with her gruff exterior because we all know, especially the patrons, that she is just a big marshmallow inside. I have seen her go out of her way to help an elderly patron find exactly the book she is looking for, assist them with their heavy bag of books, and patiently work with a teen to get him a limited card. She definitely makes our lives easier here at FFB and deserves to be recognized for all her hard work!

Peter Bour
Peter is a very personable employee with a natural gift of connecting with people. When someone comes up to him for help, he always goes above and beyond to get them connected with what they need. Patrons love him for this. Thank you for all you do Peter!



Amanda Lehman
I’ve noticed that Amanda works well with patrons, very welcoming and attentive. She is in the top tier of staff reporting systems problems, which I tease her about but honestly do appreciate.

Camille Dainton
Camille is a joy to work with, she knows her job inside and out and works very well with patrons. She helps with tracking down Blue Slip items and notifying patrons which can be challenging at times, but she handles it with a high level of grace.

Brad Spurlock
Brad has a lot on his plate with regular duties and all the local history work that is requested of him. He’s a hard worker with a great knowledge base that inspires others working with him to work hard and be as knowledgeable as possible also. Patrons and staff alike know what a serious and well-informed source he is. He is a great LPL team member!



Sarah Gifford (2 nominations)
Sarah has had her hands full in Children’s today. She distributed Unattended Children policies, called upstairs to have parents return to the children’s department and all around controlled the chaos of the day.
Thank you Sarah, for enforcing the unattended children policy to help keep the youngest patrons safe. Especially when the youngest patrons make it out the front door without their parents noticing.

Sarah is a go-getter! She jumped right in and completed her MLIS is record time. The programs she plans are always very successful and she reaches out to all ages of patrons.

Rebecca Evans
Rebecca is there when you need her. Regardless of her many outside responsibilities, Rebecca always tries to bend her schedule to help fill gaps at both Smith Library and Oxford branch. Rebecca also has a fearless approach to life (and death). Today a sparrow hit our glass window and Rebecca moved it to safety. She also retrieved a dead bird (bare handed) that had suffered a similar fate. She will send the dead bird to the Hefner Museum to help others learn. That is a level of commitment that goes way above and beyond. Thank you Rebecca for helping tend to the less glamorous tasks.

Alice Ahrens
Alice stays on top of things in Oxford Circulation and a number of fixes in WorkFlows are a result of her persistence.

Lisa Lorrigan (3 nominations)
Lisa is always up for a challenge. She stays busy all the time, boxing books, processing McNaughtons, and all kinds of tasks that are often overlooked. Plus, she is always very helpful to patrons.

Lisa is always ready to take on new projects. If I ever need help, I know she will be there to help!

Lisa is proactive in keeping up with deleted McNaughtons. Before you know it, they are in the boxes waiting to be picked up by UPS. How does this work? On one hand she returns the books, when on other hand she helps with processing new McNaughtons. She is a great team player who is always happy to help with any task.

Connie Everhart
Connie is very committed to her work. She is always ready to shelve with a smile, even when she is hurting. Connie often asks circulation if we need help shelving holds. She is a valuable member of the Oxford team.

Debbie Dallman
Debbie is a great hardworking team player. Thank you for helping Circulation Department so much lately!

Caitlin Cambell (nominated but not eligible, won June 2019)
Caitlin does a phenomenal job planning and implementing the summer reading program each year. Kudos to her!


LAC/BKM/Tech Center:

John Taggart, LAC
John brings a ray of sunlight with him every day. His positivity helps spread a joy that no one else seems to manage. That joy and positive attitude affects the staff and patrons alike.

Ashley Houchens, BKM
Fantastic bookmobile displays that engaged patrons and sparked discussion.

Sarah Turner, BKM
Fantastic bookmobile displays that entertained and engaged patrons and sparked discussions.

Debbie Cook, BKM
Filling in on the bookmobile outside set hours and duties to cover events and staff shortages.

Mike Busam, BKM (2 nominations but not eligible, won Oct 2018)
Suggesting enhancements to services at specific stops. This includes but was not limited to inviting Odalis Jimenez (FFB; also nominated) to come to some of our predominantly Spanish-speaking stops to promote library services.

Mike always goes above and beyond to help coworkers and will always step up when something needs done. I very much appreciate the work he does and the work atmosphere he creates.

Brendan Packert, LAC
Brendan is the first to handle our new material and many boxes arrive daily. He unboxes and receives them in a timely manner so they can move onto Tech Services and then our patrons.

Holly Claxton, BKM
Holly was a huge help in LAC/BKM securing our first victory in Summer reading, and she was an awesome bingo player too!

Amanda Chaffin, Tech Center (2 nominations)
This person has gone above and beyond what is asked of them on a consistent basis. I believe she deserves recognized more than any other person I’ve worked with before.

Amanda continues to provide fantastic programming, detailed and patient one-on-one instruction, and the absolute best customer service – often all at the same time. She consistently strives to offer better and bigger programming, and ensures that everyone feels welcome.

Penny Brown, LAC
Search Ohio work is really a many step process these days, and Penny good-humoredly, has it all figured out. It’s a lot of work! She gets it done every day – is always looking out for the patrons and trying to give us all first rate service. She achieves this day in and day out despite all the factors that affect the job she does. She’s skipped some fun activities at Lac because she felt her workload that day was just too great. Thanks Penny for all the great service!