February 2018

A Visit from Anna

Thank you so much to Valerie/Anna for attending Thursday’s Disney themed toddler time. She sang and danced with all the children and then posed for a lot of pictures. She even took the time to visit the little ones in the children’s area. Check her out reading to her adoring fans. I think she is now a Frozen expert. The kids asked thoughtful questions and appreciated the one-on-one interaction. Great day!

Mike Winstead, January Employee of the Month

Michael Winstead (Hamilton) is the January 2018 Employee of the Month. Chip Kruthoffer nominated Stead and wrote:

Stead has always reminded me to do the Employee of the Month drawing and I told him I’d nominate him just for that. Even when he complained incessantly about the phone system and made me feel bad, I knew he was right and am glad we were able to fix that issue, finally. All kidding aside, I’ve long noted that Stead is a conscientious employee singularly focused on providing patrons with friendly, courteous and efficient library service. At his best, Stead’s enthusiasm and skill connecting to patrons is infectious. I feel like we’re fortunate to have staff who care as much as Stead shows he does on a daily basis.

Congratulations, Stead. He was last recognized as EoM in January 2015. He wins his choice of a $50 gift certificate or 4 extra hours of vacation.

Also nominated:

Caitlin Campbell
Caitlin always goes above and beyond when creating programs that are well received by the community. Her scavenger hunts are really popular with children, the Second Annual Lego Contest had many awesome entries in all age categories offered and the Winter Reading Challenge she offered over the winter break had a record number of completed challenges. Thank you Caitlin for always providing engaging and fun programs for OXB’s youngest patrons and their families.

Sarah Gifford
Sarah is one of those staff members who always has a positive attitude and is always the first to volunteer to help out with any project. She has great initiative and just does what needs to be done. Sarah can always be counted on to go the extra mile for both patrons and staff. Thank you for all that you do at OXB!

Kat Hildebrand
Kat is always a lively presence at the library. Her good humor, hard work, and sympathetic attitude go a long way in making patrons feel welcome. She is happy to help both patrons and co-workers with any questions they might have. She is a role model in many ways, one of them being how she is always working on one project or another: activating DVDs or working on blue slips straightening up shelves, refilling displays, you name it. Kat is a wonderful example of how to do a job well done. I can still remember how much better I felt, coming in for an interview before I was hired here at LPL, after Kat said hello and cheerfully talked with me at the front desk after calling Carol to come get me. That was well over a year ago, but I can still remember how welcoming Kat was to me even before she knew who I was.

Melissa Thompson
Missy has made a letter index for the front holds that makes it easier to put the holds up for us and find their holds for the patrons. These place holders are not only functional but also very beautiful too. They are made to look like old fashion books and make the shelf look wonderful. They also make our job so much easier. Kudos to her for thinking of this idea and bringing it to fruition!

Michael Barrows
Michael has been an amazing asset to the Tech Center and we are so glad/grateful that he is here.

Camille Dainton
Camille has been a really big help with digitizing Cummins Photos. She’s been doing that after finishing her normal work and she’s done a great job with it.

Alyson Sizemore
Alyson has been with us for a few months and in that time she has continually shown us how lucky we are to have her as a co-worker. She is a hard worker, and always looking for a new task to do or skill to learn. Her focus, tenacity, and good sense of humor make her a great help at Hamilton.

Julie Wirtz
Throughout her time as a Grade 1 employee, Julie has impressed me with her smooth transition into the job, and her determination to hunt down all pull list items. Even when semesters in college called for Julie to work tiring split shifts, she maintained her high work ethic and continued to help out co-workers in all departments with her characteristic kind and capable attitude. Julie is not only a great person, but a great co-worker!

2017-2018 Performance Review process begins February 8

The 2017-2018 Annual Performance Review process begins later today, February 8, 2018. You will soon receive an email inviting you to begin the process. Check your SPAM and TRASH folders if you have not received the email by end of the day this Friday.

Here is the login page. If you are unable to access your account, or forget your password, please notify your supervisor. Your login name should be firstinitial+lastname (no period), e.g. Brea McQueen is “bmcqueen”.

The instructions for the form are available here (Google login required).

Employee self-appraisals are due by March 16.